The University of Leeds Food Theme acts as an observatory and creator of new knowledge that can be used in innovative ways to solve your problems. We have a 50-year tradition of cutting edge thinking in all areas of food research. World-class researchers from a broad range of subject areas including agriculture, bioscience, environment, food, health, social science, engineering and big data computing can be found together in our institution. This gives you access to different thinking, state-of-the-art equipment and novel techniques; and can also unlock new funding opportunities.

Our key areas of multidisciplinary research are helping address the crucial issues facing the 21st century global food system.

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Food Availability: Risks, Resources and Responses more

  • International assessments such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) and the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment
  • Providing the UK Government’s Champion for Global Food Security
  • Developing diets feed to 40% of the UK pig population

Food Reassurance more

  • Demonstrated a new airborne acoustic technique for the detection of nut shells and small plastic pieces inside food such as chocolate bars and led the development of acoustic techniques for the objective evaluation of sensory crispness, crunchiness and snap
  • Reviewed isotopic techniques for the identification of food origin for Red Tractor

Food, Nutrition and Wellbeing more

  • Insights into diet and behaviour change and the development of novel intervention tools myfood24 and MyMealMate
  • Influencing UK government policy on caffeine
  • Influencing European policy on Safety and Efficacy of Plant Food Supplements via the Framework 7 project PlantLIBRA

Food in Mind more

  • Successful design and delivery of high quality, innovative, multi-centre, randomised clinical trials and research projects across NHS priority areas, including evaluation of a range of complex interventions
  • Rapidly developing portfolios dedicated to diet and obesity
  • The effects of breakfast on academic performance and cognitive ability in children

Food Informatics more

  • Helping major UK retailers understand consumer behaviour through big data analysis
  • Working with large cohort data sets to track food purchases, intake and health
  • Using and developing new technologies to support behaviour change

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