The Theme's joint leaders are Steve Banwart, Integrating Chair in Soil / Water / Agriculture Research, and Louise Dye, N8 Agrifood Chair in Nutrition and Behaviour


Andy Challinor

Professor of Climate Impacts (Food Availability: Risks, Resources and Responses)

Andy works with the CGIAR and with UK business in order to develop appropriate responses to climate change. In particular, he uses climate and crop modelling to develop climate-smart pathways for agriculture. He also leads work to inform UK and international policy on climate change.

Malcolm Povey

Professor of Food Physics (Food Reassurance)

Malcolm is a Physicist and pioneer of non-invasive acoustic methods for the characterisation of complex materials such as food and has collaborated with industry for many years, developing applications which have been adopted by industry. His work in ultrasound characterisation of nano particulate material have included studies of protein aggregation, zinc oxide and oil nanoparticle production (by the emulsion crystallization route) and characterisation, passive acoustics, soft solid stability assessment, and ultrasonically modulated optical tomography.

Gary Williamson

Professor of Functional Foods (Food, Nutrition and Wellbeing)

Gary is interested in how natural bioactive components derived from plants (flavonoids, phenolic acids, “antioxidants”) benefit our health, and how they help protect against excess calories, sugar and fat. His group works with Research Councils, Industry and in Europe, and conducts mechanistic studies on cells and intervention studies on human volunteers to answer research questions.

Andrew Hill

Professor of Medical Psychology and Louise Dye, Professor of Nutrition & Behaviour (Food in Mind)

Andy’s research interests include appetite control, and the variety of psychological issues inherent in obesity and eating disorders. He is a past Chairman of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity and is currently a member of the UK Department of Health’s Obesity Review Group.

Louise is a biological psychologist who studies the effects of diet/food intake on cognition, wellbeing & stress, hormone-food interactions, and functional foods.  Her research is based in the Human Appetite Research Unit (HARU). Louise is also the N8 Agrifood Chair in Nutrition and Behaviour and joint lead of the Food Theme.

Janet Cade

Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health (Food Informatics)

Janet has led the Nutritional Epidemiology Group at the University of Leeds since 1994. Her main areas of research are nutritional epidemiology; the relationship of diet to chronic disease development; diet-gene interactions; and the development of new diet assessment methods. Recent work features the development of a new online tool to measure diet, myfood24, and a smartphone app, MyMealMate, to support weight loss.


Working alongside Steve and Louise and their research colleagues are Research & Innovation Development Manager Dr Estefanía Ledesma Santiso ( and Administrator Liz Liversedge (