The following projects were awarded local pump priming funds in December 2016:

Sugar shifting: optimising food systems resilience in transition to low sugar consumption

Interactions between Foxtail millet and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: from molecules to field

Auxin and herbicide resistance: Understanding the molecular basis of the resistance to auxinic herbicides in monocot crops and weeds, and the role of auxin in induced broad-spectrum herbicide resistance

Standardising the measurement of Household Food Insecurity in UK families

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion and Analytics for Agri-Food and Food Processing


The following projects were awarded local pump priming funds in May 2017:

Novel bio-chemical approaches for the sustainable exploitation of beetroot processing waste for high value products

The role of root and rhizosphere in take-all tolerance

Delaying turnover of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco) as a novel mechanism to enhance wheat yields

Conceptus-derived proteins: potential predictors of early pregnancy success in cattle.

Co-polymer complexation of dsRNA and subsequent evaluation of increased stability to degradation following ingestion by insect pests.

Nutrition-centered decision making to increase vegetable consumption and reduce food waste in the supply chain (WASTENULE).

Sadler/N8 AgriFood Seminar Series: Philosophical and Psychological Approaches to Values and Food Choice


The following projects were awarded local pump priming funds in April 2018:

The genetic basis of mycorrhizal growth responses in spring wheat

Soil conservation practices in post-Brexit UK under a changing climate

Comparing Food Hubs in Europe and in Argentina: optimising the last mile for food in urban areas

Validating novel conceptus-derived proteins as indicators of early pregnancy success in cattle.

Increasing citizen engagement with urban farming

A framework for estimating public sector expenditure of food products in the United Kingdom at the local area level

Greenhouse gas and Dietary choices Open source Toolkit (GDOT) Hack-Nights


The following projects were awarded local pump priming funds in January 2019:

Understanding the effects of non-chemical pathogen-control strategies on rhizosphere microbiome composition and functioning

Co-polymer complexes of dsRNA as highly selective and environmentally friendly insecticides: application to the control of coleopteran pests of arable crops

Developing indicators for Sustainable Urban Food Systems

Developing climate resilient, high protein soybean genotypes

Understanding the risks to existing food supplies at the city level

FAmiSHEd: Interactions between Food wAste, Surplus and HungEr