The following projects were awarded local pump priming funds in December 2016:

Sugar shifting: optimising food systems resilience in transition to low sugar consumption

Interactions between Foxtail millet and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: from molecules to field

Auxin and herbicide resistance: Understanding the molecular basis of the resistance to auxinic herbicides in monocot crops and weeds, and the role of auxin in induced broad-spectrum herbicide resistance

Standardising the measurement of Household Food Insecurity in UK families

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion and Analytics for Agri-Food and Food Processing


The following projects were awarded local pump priming funds in May 2017:

Novel bio-chemical approaches for the sustainable exploitation of beetroot processing waste for high value products

The role of root and rhizosphere in take-all tolerance

Delaying turnover of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco) as a novel mechanism to enhance wheat yields

Conceptus-derived proteins: potential predictors of early pregnancy success in cattle.

Co-polymer complexation of dsRNA and subsequent evaluation of increased stability to degradation following ingestion by insect pests.

Nutrition-centered decision making to increase vegetable consumption and reduce food waste in the supply chain (WASTENULE).

Sadler/N8 AgriFood Seminar Series: Philosophical and Psychological Approaches to Values and Food Choice