The University of Leeds farm:



The University of Leeds farm is operated as a commercial business, which also hosts research and innovation projects. The farm is rapidly expanding its role as a research facility to support advances in agriculture and the environment, and actively invites collaborative research and innovation with industry, government and public research organisations.



Situated between Leeds and York at an elevation of between 40-72m, the University of Leeds farm is used for agricultural, ecological, Earth and environmental research. The 317ha farm operates commercially, is predominantly arable but includes pasture used for sheep grazing, and agro-forestry. The farm is also home to the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL)’s leading pig research facility, a £10M investment featuring both indoor and outdoor production facilities.



The farm has shallow (<50cm), well-drained, calcareous, fine loamy soils lying above a dolstone aquifer. The climate has relatively low annual rainfall of 674mm, due to its position in the rain shadow of the Pennines, and relatively mild winters and cool summers, ranging from 3.5ºC in January to a mean high in August of 15.6ºC.



Key Contacts:

Professor Helen Miller: Managing Director, University of Leeds Farms Ltd

Dr. George Sorensen:  Field Research Unit Manager

Please direct enquiries to Mrs Elizabeth Liversedge.

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Tel: +44 (0)113 343 1416